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A most successful case in using Apps : Starbucks

One of the most successful cases in using Apps is Starbucks without doubts it uses app in mutual befit of business and users. Experts are talking about “Starbucks coming out of crisis even bigger and more successful” (Forbes). The coffee company has been able to open stores and maintain social distancing by utilising in-app ordering. Investing in their app allowed the chain to reduce in-store waiting time and alleviate lines at peak hours. They are even shifting physical locations to a model focused on ordering within the app, making it easier for customers to get their coffee with a smaller physical footprint. Why is that? And this how Starbucks CEO put it in the words:

“Since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak in January, we have taken a principled approach to navigate the crisis, true to our mission and values.  Every step of the way, we have thoughtfully addressed the needs of Starbucks stakeholders and are particularly proud of the industry-leading investments we have made to support our partners while creating a safe, familiar and convenient experience for our customers.  Starbucks partners have risen to the occasion, and our near-term focus is to recover sales safely and responsibly by offering our customers the comfort and care that differentiate the Starbucks Experience,” said Kevin Johnson, president and CEO. (official Website)

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Most of the people urged to think digitally these days and this what Starbucks consider it carefully but very attentiveness. They had an App but they changed too better shape! using it to be very helpful not cut in the store crowd.

Early on Starbucks announced that it would make its stores to-go only in response to the virus outbreak. This announcement was important for two reasons. First, plain and simple, it is just the right thing to do for Starbucks employees and customers. Second, it gives Starbucks more legroom to experiment with a new business model much faster than it could ever have done pre-virus.

Most of costumers (bout 70%) liked to pay when they are sitting on the front porch, but it should be changed and did. Starbucks started its online payments years ago but it was emerge to take it seriously. Getting this remaining 70% is big money for Starbucks, too. In 2019, Starbucks held nearly $1.6 billion in prepaid deposits for its mobile app and loyalty cards. Calculate this figure, assuming Starbucks could get everyone to go mobile, and it soon balloons to $5.3 billion in everyday deposits that essentially also act as an interest-free loan. That’s a deposit figure that is higher than many banks and a loan that could pay for a lot of innovation or capital improvements down the line as well.

Starbuck changed dramatically to cope with situation, A most successful case in using Apps, Why shouldn’t you consider change and take seriously that you need to respond to changes are permanent. Take look at our offer bring online shopping to your in-store business with its disadvantages or many money to spend! Learn More!


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