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A Creative Way to Increase Retail Sales Volume

The impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak was felt the heaviest in non-food retail. The retail sales volume at textiles, clothing and footwear stores declined by 36.2 percent in March 2020. This downward trend continued through the following months in the year. In November 2020, retail sales volume in these stores dropped by approximately 30 percent. Overall, across all retail sectors (including fuel stores), retail sales volume grew by 2.4 percent in November 2020 on the year prior (Link). It means food retailers are growing fast and sales volume increased enormously but none-food retailers specially fuel part need to increase sales volume immediately. How to do that?

Retail sales volume (quantity bought) in Great Britain

Retailers need to increase footfalls and make potential customers to actual customers and actual costumers to loyal ones.


We mentioned some key points for increase sales which recommend to take look. we would elaborate more about our strategy to make more footfalls for your shop or store.

The Right Time at the Right Place (RT&RP) is the core method offered by Foroodja. RT&RP means encouraging shoppers to visit stores which then creates a footfall that businesses could use to achieve higher sales.

During the evolution of online shopping, private sector business in the world and Canada, retailers saw a massive drop in sales which resulted in less income. We are finding the way to reverse the trends toward online shopping.

Imagine, you are looking for some goods and services on your smart phone whenever you have free time and then going out to do any daily activities, during that time we find out the best deal and best quality send you a notification informing you that you are within 120 meters from a supplier or business who sells a product of your demand.

Then increase retail sales volume

We find the potential customers and notify them via the application whenever they are within range of retailers based on their search history for goods and services. We also notify the retailers or business once a customer has shown interest on of their products, they will be informed of the product, size, quantity and any other needs so that adjustments can be made before the arrival of the customer. We will also provide estimated arrival time for more accurate customer service.

Please take look on our services and if you think we can help please contact us we can arrange an online meeting or send you more details!


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