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Problem Solution

From 2016 to 2018, store closures in the US more than tripled to about 7,000. While the rise of online shopping isn’t entirely to blame (link), shoppers were largely split on whether they preferred doing their shopping online versus in person. Online shopping lets customers review thousands of items in one place and pay for it in the comfort of their homes. This has affected retail companies and their strategies to stay in the competition with other retailers and online stores. Our Problem Solution is clear enough, we want you to be like online shop but act as a in-person shop.

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a sharp economic toll on the retail industry worldwide as many retailers and shopping centers were forced to shut down for months due to mandated stay-at-home orders. As a result of these closures, online retailers received a major boost in sales as customers looked for alternative ways to shop and the effects of the retail apocalypse were exacerbated. A number of notable retailers filed for bankruptcy including Ascena Retail Group, Brooks Brothers, GNC, JCPenney, Lord & Taylor and Neiman Marcus.

Shopping in person is in danger with online shops and COVID-19, it’s a fact but with small tricks online shopping benefits can be added to in-store shopping and avoid its serious problems, and with knowledge of the presence of customers close to the shop, sanitization considerations can be met by the shop. Shopping is joyful for buyers if it becomes RT&RP. Put together relevant and on time information with pleasure, happiness  and safety in person shopping may help retailers and SMEs to survive.

Now, customers go to a store looking for a specific brand and price based on online reviews. When customers make a trip to a store, they already know about the product and brand they’re considering buying. They want the reassurance of asking an employee in-person before making their final decision or trying it on.

Lack of choosing support, Boring experience and Missing product information are the most problems with online shopping but feeling and touching the product maybe is the most comparative advantage for physical shops. Ofcourse saving time and reducing monthly expenses are the biggest disadvantages of physical shops. As you can see, none of them can eliminate its opponent’s way of shopping but it can weaken the other one.

Thus, in-store shopping needs help to compete with online shopping. It needs  better online information which can be provided and presented before even customers making their minds. And notify what their favorites are when searching when they are close to the shop having the product, isn’t it a problem solution? See our Opportunity Presenting!


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