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Opportunity Presents Itself

Both In-Store shopping and online shopping have problems which opportunity presents you our solution which helps you getting new costumers. 

  • Attract customers to physical shops when they are near them.
  • Provide them information they need to decide.
  • Let them share their shopping choices with important ones and have their comments.
  • Make them loyal customers by keeping them in touch.
  • Meet their sanitization preconditions for shopping in person

Convenience, price comparisons and to save time and now COVID-19 are threatening physical shops. To see and touch items before purchase, having fun, having product immediately, to avoid shipping costs are their strength.

Opportunity presents itself by omitting weakness and working on strength. In Foroodja we provide merchandise details and let shoppers compare them and when they feel it’s the right time, engage them with a physical place of shops and let them get comments from each other and then decide to buy. (See our Quick Overview)

Data science is playing a critical role in the evolution of location-based marketing by helping to separate good data from bad data. Foroodja estimates approximately 65 percent of location data within 30 feet is inaccurate in the marketplace because it’s not analyzed with the proper rigor and algorithms. Today’s marketers, instead, need to use verified, high-quality location data for campaigns. Otherwise, they can expect to see tremendous location data inaccuracies, which will affect the performance of their campaigns. The more accurate your data, the more efficient your targeting, the better your campaigns are.

iBeacon technology can be a game changer in this phase because all the physical shops tried many different ways but none of them are RT&RP. iBeacon can provide very accurate proximity under 30 feet and solve the problems too many revivals facing. Foroodja uses iBeacon alongside location API to find real RT&RP for shoppers and sellers and it could make a difference.


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