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Introducing Foroodja

Foroodja is a platform using iBeacon for proximity, Google Maps API for location and its own Application and website to help retailers and SMEs which are threatened by online shops to stay in business by finding  RT&RP for both sides, shoppers and sellers. We introducing Foroodja as a new combination of location-targeted and online browsing products app which will empower retailers with online shops strength and in-person shop strength. Foroodja uses a different combination of location-targeted technologies. iBeacon, Geofencing and Google Maps API is used in Foroodja to have successful location-targeted mobile marketing applications.

Foroodja provides a proper channel to ask loved ones’ opinion over shopping decisions, the shopper is about to make. And let sellers keep the logs of coming and going shoppers and decisions they made, which help them to renovate their approaches.

In the Right Time at the Right Place (RT&RP) is the core value offered by Foroodja. RT&RP means engaging shoppers with the physical place of the seller when they are ready. How is it possible? Sending a notification on a mobile phone when a shopper is less than 30 feet from the seller’s place and letting him or her know that a specific kind of merchandise was looking is very close to him or her and if the shopper is willing to look up the merchandise, Foroodja will let the shop provide the sanitization preparations. Finding RT&RP would be very effective for both parties, Selling goods to satisfied customers which may repeat his shopping is not something any  thoughtful seller would miss. 

In the shopper’s eye, get a notification which is allowed, when he is close to the shop and can choose to have a look with safety, make a real RT&RP. Entering a shop with proper information on merchandise isn’t all, he can send his loved ones a link and ask them to comment on what he wants to buy. Socializing over shopping is a very essential matter that is missing in online shopping.

Never a happy shopping ends without good prices, and this is where Foroodja comes along. Persuading sellers to make their prices reasonable seems hard but if Foroodja could reduce marketing costs and increase selling and  with some lightning guidance, it wouldn’t be that hard anymore.

COVID-19 has changed many things but may not change desire to shopping in  person, if the sanitization considerations can be met by shops. RT&RP strategy can provide a proper channel between two sides to assure safe and colorful shopping. (Learn More!)


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