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More Buyers By REVERSING online shopping!

Ask us to Explain More We add all benefits online shops have to your local business and make sure your coming buyers grow, We are about to REVESING online shopping by real shopping, And this will be REAL shop marketing!

Looking for correct and effective marketing solutions !

Learn More With so much competition, small businesses like you need to be able to reach people, who are the right potential customers. To do so, we'll equip you with online shops have, with a difference, we'll encourage them to stop by and take a look!

Shop Marketing

After browsing your merchants online in our App, and liking it we will follow costumers to getting what's he liked from you!

In Your Location

Customer Liked your product or merchant, we'll guide costumer to your place or notify him which he is close to you! Isn't it nice?

Dedicated Support

Support for getting the best of it will be necessary and we'll provide it without any hesitation provide more than you need!

Cases Successfully updated themselves!

What the others are telling us! Stay Creative and Positive!

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Get More Customers

Making shopping colorful is one of the main reasons In-Store shopping can defeat online shopping. Socializing over shopping is the other one is missing in online shopping and can be very pleasant but addressing these demands needs a precautious approach. It needs a sustainable channel and detailed information but adequate ones.

Shopping in person is in danger with online shops, it’s a fact but with small tricks online shopping benefits can be added to in-store shopping and avoid its serious problems, and with knowledge of the presence of customers close to the shop.

In the Right Time at the Right Place (RT&RP) is the core value offered by Foroodja. RT&RP means engaging shoppers with the physical place of the seller when they are ready. How is it possible? Sending a notification on a mobile phone when a shopper is less than 30 feet from the seller’s place and letting him or her know that a specific kind of merchandise was looking is very close to him or her and if the shopper is willing to look up the merchandise, Foroodja will let the shop provide the sanitization preparations. Finding RT&RP would be very effective for both parties, Selling goods to satisfied customers which may repeat his shopping is not something any  thoughtful seller would miss. 

Thus, in-store shopping needs help to compete with online shopping. It needs  better online information which can be provided and presented before even customers making their minds. And notify what their favorites are when searching when they are close to the shop having the product.


Brands from across verticals can help consumers during the economic recovery by investing in their app presence. It’s important to do this strategically, rather than replicating an website experience, to add additional value for consumers. For example, by adding helpful functionalities such as remote check-in in hotels and rewards programmes. That way customers can interact with their favourite brands easily, often, and in new ways.

Foroodja is a platform using iBeacon for proximity, Google Maps API for location and its own Application and website to help retailers and SMEs which are threatened by online shops to stay in business by finding  RT&RP for both sides, shoppers and sellers. 

More Customers

By retailers, the main focus is to attract the attention of customers at that moment and in that place which can most affect their decision to buy.

Real Opportunity

Both In-Store shopping and online shopping have problems which present us an opportunity!

What's Happening

Browsing products was the top use-case for respondents in the US (64%) and the UK (59%), followed by receiving similar product recommendations

Free for Three Months

You can try if it's for you or not, we won't waste your time or money!

Introduce Proximity Marketing

A different combination of location-targeted technologies for successful location-targeted marketing applications.

Don't Blame Online Shopping!

While the rise of online shopping isn’t entirely to blame, You should do Things!

How to Get More Customers

We have our professional marketing strategies which is combination of traditional and online sell in very specific way you never see before.

Attract customers to physical shops when they are near them.
Main Goal

Attract customers to physical shops when they are near them.

If they liked one one your products, in approaching tour location they will be notify the products they like is very close!

Provide them information they need to decide.
Embrace The Opportunity

Provide them information they need to decide.

You need to embrace the opportunities, and one of them more information your costumers get about you and your products! 

What about an Analysis our your work?
Monthly Statement

What about an Analysis our your work?

We will analyze your work and compare it with others and let you know your strengths and weaknesses! 

Let them share their shopping choices with important ones and have their comments.
Joyful and Colorful Shopping

Let them share their shopping choices with important ones and have their comments.

They can ask their loved ones about your products and have their comments and suggestion but more than that a joyful and colorful shopping!

Free Consultant

If you need more information to decide if we right for you or any other question, Please don't hesitate, we'll be happy hearing from you! 

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    3 Beacon Devices
    6 Top 10 Ranking Guarantee
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    Unlimited Products Included
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    10 Beacon Devices
    8 Top 10 Ranking Guarantee
    24/7 support

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